Earplugs USA makes a popular line of custom hearing protectors made on the spot with the finest silicone material and the highest protection dB rating.  You generally find them in hearing aid offices, where they command a hefty price--We make them affordable.  Earplugs USA has been featured in the L.A. Times, and the Motorcyclist Magazine.

The silicone product is a material that is pliable, durable, comfortable, washable, safe and to be used over and over again.  They are actually made from the impression of your ears, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

The sound plugs are guaranteed for one year and will generally last 3-4 years when used twice a week and kept in the case for storage when not being used.  We offer brilliant neon colors for easy finding or the conservative skin tone.  We also feature many varieties of different applications for optional uses such as for communication purposes for 2-way radios, cell phone, walkmans, musician's ER-15 and Music Monitors and stereo speaker plugs for motorcycles and car racing, AND MUCH, MUCH, MORE…

WE can demonstrate the procedure, only you can test the quality and the difference in your active life.  Group rates and mobile service are available.